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Check out my blogspot for current and past production announcements and synopses; I continually update it.


My blog:


Current work:

  • Finished writing five new short stories, half a dozen essays, and a selection of new poetry this summer...haven't focused as much on playwriting.  But I did submit full-length drama ON PREJUDICE & FAITH to a new playwriting competition.

  • An interview with me, plus a summary of some of my work, on the blog "Unknown Playwrights":



My sweet Aunt Mary (her stage name was Elizabeth Patterson) was a Hollywood actress, and played Katharine Hepburn's

aunt in Hepburn's first movie, "A Bill of Divorcement."  She was also Little Ricky's babysitter Mrs. Trumbull on "I Love Lucy"

for several years.  People say there's a resemblance between us...maybe about the nose and mouth!


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