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  • Poem "New Jersey Jazz" published by Jerry Jazz Musician magazine, spring 2022.

  • Essay "Getting Over New York" published in the "Solstice & Equinox" issue of New Reader Magazine, March 2022.

  • Short Story "A Smoker" published in an anthology by Rubbertop XIII: Tough Luck, spring 2022.

  • Short noir play "A Woman in Need" published by Fleas On the Dog: Issue 11, April 2022.

  • Short story "Love, Axel" published in an anthology by Crossing the Tees (Australia), spring 2022.

  • Poems "Faith" and "The Snowy, Piney Woods" published by Fresh Words Magazine, spring 2022.

  • Poem "The Ants" published by Canyon Voices, April 2022.

  • Poems "Musical Nostalgia" and "An Alternative to Quiet" published by Jerry Jazz Musician magazine, summer 2022.

  • Short story "The Count" published by For Page & Screen Magazine, summer 2022.

  • Monologue "Finding Oneself" published in the anthology, WE-US: Monologues for Gender Minority Characters, Smith & Kraus, fall 2022.

  • Short play "THE LONG & WINDING ROAD" published in the anthology titled 'Hello Godot! (Volume 2)', summer 2022.

  • 50-word play "The Right Word" published in Molecule Literary Magazine: Issue #7, fall 2022.

  • Film review "Struck By the Movie Moonstruck" published on the Antithesis Blog, summer 2022.

  • Scenes from full-length play "These People" published by the Int'l. Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP) in their relaunch of the works in the Scenes From a Diverse World collection as a series of five short volumes, fall 2022.

  • Monologue "The Lonely Monster" produced by New City Players, Los Angeles, October 2022.

  • Short story "The Twins" published in Black Ink Fiction's "Home Sweet Horror" anthology, winter 2022.

  • Poem “A Curious New Taste” published in the Jerry Jazz Musician magazine's Fall/Winter Poetry Collection, December 2022.

  • Short Gothic story "Seaside Romance" published by White Cat Publications, December 2022.



  • Half-hour one-act comedy TALKING TO STRANGERS produced by Bunbury Players, upstate New York, January 2023.

  • Monologue A WINTER DEATH produced by Shiny Unicorn Productions, winter 2023.

  • Poem "O Christmas Tree!" published in Wingless Dreamer's poetry anthology "Christmas Cheerios," January 2023.

  • Short story "Jazz in the Rain" published by Rivanna Review, March 2023.

  • Essay "On Quitting the Habit" published by Courtship of the Winds, July 2023.

  • Poem "Boots Like the '50s" published by Jerry Jazz Musician magazine, January 2023.

  • Poem "Sinatra-inspired" published by Jerry Jazz Musician magazine's Spring collection of jazz poetry, April 2023. 

  • Brief essay "Writing for the Stage" on the craft of theatrical writing, was published by Unleash Press' blog, June 2023.

  • Fresh Words published monologue "The Cockroach" in their horror anthology 'SHHH! BREATHE SLOW!' in 2023.

  • The Havik Journal at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA published myth-based comedy ORPH & EURI IN HELL in their anthology "Cacophony," summer 2023.

  • Poem "Bill Evans Haiku" was published in Jerry Jazz Musician magazine, July 2023.

  • This summer, Clepsydra Art & Literature Magazine published poem about refugees titled "Beautiful Lady."

  • Masque & Spectacle published short drama THE MEDIEVAL DOCTOR in September 2023.

  • Glacehouse Books published short story "The Hot Coals of Winter" in their Yuletide edition of A YEAR OF HYGGE ("Hygge" in Scandinavian countries means "comfort") in 2023.

  • Teach. Write.: A Writing Teachers’ Literary Journal published brief essay "Cutting Words," in the fall of 2023. 

  • Delio Enterprises and Gabby & Min's Literary Review published poem "The Right to Choose" in their fall 2023 issue.


  • Full-length serio-comedy THE FOUR SISTERS OF BAKERSFIELD published by Next Stage Press, May 2021.

  • Short noir play A WOMAN IN NEED produced by Scribe Stages' "Crime Plays," Feb. 2021. 

  • Monologue A SMALL REQUEST produced by Loud Voices Silent Streets in their "Just an Illusion" showcase, U.K., Mar. 2021.

  • Monologue THE HELL OF A GLUTTON produced by New Deal’s “March Minute Monologue Challenge,” NY, Mar. 2021

  • Short story A SMALL COINCIDENCE published by Reedsy Prompts, Mar. 2021. 

  • Brief essay ON HEARING AARON COPLAND'S MUSIC published by Jerry Jazz Musician, May 2021.

  • Short drama AN IRISHMAN'S CELEBRATION selected for June 2021 podcast by Winters Theatre Company in California, but owing to casting difficulties was not produced.

  • Monologue written for novelist Edith Wharton, THE VALUE OF THE DADO, produced by Put A Woman On A Pedestal, StatueFest IV on June 18 at 7 pm EST, New York City.

  • Micro-fiction serio-comic work SELF-SUFFICIENCY published by TYPE! in the United Kingdom, spring 2021.

  • Children's story REAL FRIENDS published by Wingless Dreamer in their anthology "It's time to snuggle up," July 2021.

  • Flash fiction DRINKING published in a fiction anthology by Grattan Street Press, Melbourne, Australia, summer 2021.

  • Half-hour selection of scenes from full-length drama THESE PEOPLE read online by The Broadway Book Club, NYC, June 21, 2021.

  • Two short scripts, SOD OFF and GOING GREEN, produced by "Plays & Pizza," Long Island, NY, fall 2021.

  • One-minute play JUST BUGGING YOU broadcast by tiny Theatre from a refurbished closet, for their Halloween event, Oct. 2021.

  • Sonnet "Your Breath Was Soft" to be published this winter by Wingless Dreamer.

  • Poem "To James, My Brother" published Dec. 1st, 2021 by Cathexis Northwest Press

  • Short story A WELCOME PROPOSAL published fall 2021 in The Red Penguin's adult romance anthology "between the covers."

2020 & Earlier


Filmed monologue production by Theze Guyz Prods., UK, fall 2020; Gallery video display in 2019-2020 Engage Art Contest; Podcast “How to Be Young Again” produced by Lita Doolan, United Kingdom; Theatrical production by Nomad Theatre Company, Bloomington, Illinois; Theatrical production by The Hub, Somerset, England; Full-length play WITH EYES CLOSED given semi-staged reading by Jan McArt’s New Play Reading Series, Boca Raton, Florida.



Theatre production by Q Collective, St. Louis, Missouri; Production by Academy Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia, as part of "TAPAS: The Great Divide" festival; Theatre production by Veterans' festival, Salem State University, Salem, Mass.; Theatre production by Violet Surprise Femslash Fest, Chicago at Otherworld Theatre; Theatre production by Nongenue Festival, Thymele Arts, Los Angeles.



Production by Laughing Pig Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona; Production by Sam French Green Room Reading Series, Hollywood, CA; Production by #MeToo Theatre Women Company, NYC.



Production by It’s Not a Box Productions’ “Overhear Paris,” France; Production by Green Curtain Theatre, Ealing, London; Production by AlphaNYC / The Thalia Festival, New York City; Production by Goblin Baby Theatre Co. at the Bread & Roses Theatre, London, England; Production by Hackney Attic Playhouse (Reality as Written – RAW Productions), London, England;


LAFPI “Femme Fest” Micro-Reads, Los Angeles; AlphaNYC/Thalia Festival in New York City; Hovey Players, Waltham, Mass.; Duke University, North Carolina (production included performances and a panel discussion about the Dominican-Haitian "Parsley Massacre" of the 1930s); She Speaks Festival/Flush Ink in Canada (Kitchener and Cambridge); ROAR! Festival, Riverside Theatre in Iowa City, IA;



906 Theatre Company, Chicago, IL; Women in Theatre’s “Kauai Shorts”, Hawaii; Quids in Theatre’s Lunchbox series in Aberdeen, Scotland; Act 2/No Lie Notts/FONT Fest in Nottingham, England; Boston Theatre Marathon’s “Sprints” at the Plaza Theatre, Boston Center for the Arts; Image Theater's "FemNoire" event in Lowell, Mass; Renaissance Guild, San Antonio, Texas as part of their ActOne series; Semi-finalist at Drury University’s One-Act Play Competition, Springfield, Missouri; DC Black Theatre Festival’s New Words Reading Series, Washington, D.C.; The Actors Studio of Newburyport, for Women's History Month Production, “Claiming The Space,”


Awarded $10,000 grant, Dramatists Guild, Dec. 2017.

Awarded $1,000 grant, PEN America Writer’s Fund, Oct. 2017.

Awarded $1,500 grant,  Massachusetts Theatre Benevolent Fund, June, 2020.

Awarded $5,000 grant, Artist Relief, Sept. 2020.

Awarded $1,500 grant, Authors League Fund, July 2021.

Awarded $1,500 grant, Massachusetts Theatre Benevolent Fund, Jan. 2022.

Awarded $500 grant, Dramatists Guild Fund Bridge Grant, Jan. 2023. 

Awarded $1,035 grant, Massachusetts Theatre Benevolent Fund, May 2023.

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